Monday, April 22, 2013

Congratulations on joining the Sherlock Fandom! Here is your welcome gift! I photoshopped it myself! Everything you will possibly need is contained here. I’ll walk you through it. 

1) A Copy of Your contract which sold your soul to Moffat and Gatiss. It’s always good to have a copy. 

2) Tissues: You might need to buy more, but this will get you started. I thought the smile face wallpaper and music notes were a nice touch. 

3) A Gun: You never know, you might have to shoot a cabbie sometime. don’t store next to tissues. 

4) Absinthe: Or what I like to call, Moriarty’s green fairy of creativity madness. If you drink enough, you’ll find all the keys, and write the best fanfictions.

5) A skull to talk to whilst traversing an existential crisis after drinking said absinthe and looking for keys. 

6) Oh, there is the door to 221B, better unlock it. 

7) At this point, you’ll be the the king/queen of feels. So much so that honey, you will need a crown. I have provided just the right one. 

8) And lastly, a violin, so you can play this song  when nobody understands you wallowing in the wake of your ships, scattered among used tissues, or as I like to call them, the remnants or your dignity. 

9) There is also some money because I’m bribing you to tag your #setlock 

10) Oh, and dear I also snuck in some comfort food. Tea and biscuits for when you finish Alone On the Water. Though I think the absinthe will do you better.

If you ever feel like its too much, take two rounds of RP on omegle, and watch the great mouse detective. Tumblr is your support system now.